Pilot Training

Datis pilot school proud after serving 60 hours of classes and 40 hours of flight training ground for their students PPL give evidence

Types of pilot licenses


Private pilot license PPL-Private Pilot License

The first step in achieving the dream of flight and the pilot of the initial pilot phase, which is the main base. The holder of this certificate can only fly for fun and distinctive range of income can not be taking flights out of ten! The holder of a degree in the shoulder period (rate 1 line) is given


CPL-Commercial Pilot License Commercial Pilot Licence

The second step is for the pilot and the pilot is actually the most important part for!PPL’s ​​revenue but to get the evidence must have had! Holder of a degree in this period will be burdened shoulder 2 line


IR-Instrument Rating flight certificate with the (Flying Blind or instrument)

The holder of the certificate can be withdrawn without seeing the aircraft cockpit to steer and guide it. The holder of the certificate will bear the mark of 3! The pre-flight passenger you have a degree in instrumentation (IR) had to be taken., And the pilot also has a shoulder is three lines


Commercial pilot license ATPL-Air Transport Passenger License

In fact, the highest level of pilot and owner Arlayn it can begin to operate. The holder of this document may airline with more than 12,500 pounds of cargo and more than 9 passengers, will operate as a Pilot in command. The holder of the certificate will be awarded the shoulder 4.